Plastimo Offshore 115 Compass

Plastimo Offshore 115 Compass

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Boat size Powerboats of 8 to 12 metres (26 to 40 ft).

Universal balance round the world with one compass.

Compass: White with Black flat card graduated every 5°. Apparent Ø 101mm. Heading numerals every 30°.

Hood: Articulated protective hood: built-in sliding cover, composed of 3 telescopic parts, with cushioned closing.

Mounting: Flush-mount on a horizontal surface. Binnacle available as option.

Resistance to vibrations and hull pounding Magnetic cell equipped with the unique "Vibration Absorber" system.

Lubber line: 1 lubber line.

Compensation Supplied as standard.

Lighting 12-24 V LED.

Supplied with Screws, drilling template.

Approval/homogenization SOLAS-MED 96/98.