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Clamcleat Racing Junior CL211 Mk2AN

Clamcleat Racing Junior CL211 Mk2AN

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 The Clamcleat® CL211 Mk2 is a neat, compact alloy cleat with many uses for sailing, kitesurfing, sports equipment and industrial applications. Manufactured from aluminium for light weight and durable performance. Ideal for halyards & control lines on dinghies & kayaks. Can also be used on sports nets.
The fairlead guides the rope into the cleat, which can be fitted to all curved and flat surfaces. Using a CL819 Tapered Pad allows the CL211 Mk2 to be fitted at an angle, which allows tensioning without rubbing the rope over the teeth. Fitting a CL815 Keeper and CL817 Cage extends the versatility of this cleat.

Use for land fill covers:
To stop covers moving, the surface is buried deep and ropes led up through holes in the sheeting. By bolting a CL211 Mk2 cleat and CL815 Keeper to a steel plate, you can hold the ropes securely. It is easy to tension the rope when installing the membrane and also to re-tension as the landfill settles over time.

Use for windsurfing
The CL211 Mk2 is being used on a windsurfing boom (X-Booms) to tension the outhaul. The fairlead guides the rope into the cleat, which can be fitted to all curved and flat surfaces.

Also, the CL211 Mk2 can be cut down and being used on the tail of a wave boom, see here.

Available in two finishes: 
- CL211MK2 has a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating. 
- CL211MK2AN has a hard anodised finish to give a hard wearing surface.

If you need a becket to fix the end of a rope, look at CL211 Mk2/S2

To keep the rope in or out of the cleat, fit a CL815 Keeper
You can also fit a CL817 Cage to provide a rear fairlead
Use the CL818 Tapered Pad to aid rope alignment by tilting the cleat at an angle.
The CL826-11 is an aero cleat with CL211 Mk2, so you can rig in mid-air.
The CL829-11 is another aero cleat, fitted with CL211 Mk2 for rigging in mid-air.
For riveting the CL211 Mk2, we can supply long mandrel rivets.
The CL825CKC is a complete unit with two CL211 Mk2, fitted on a tapered base, complete with Keepers and Cages.
To replace some cams, you can fit the CL830CKC, which is a side-mount Cage with CL211 Mk2 and CL815 Keeper, fully assembled.
An in-line assembly is the CL832CKC, with CL211 Mk2 cleat, CL815 Keeper & CL817 Cage.
A similar cleat, with fixing holes at each end, is the CL211 Mk1.
To hold smaller ropes, look at the CL268 for 4mm ropes.

Technical Details   Metric Imperial
Rope Diameter 3 - 6mm 1/8 - 1/4"
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Hole Centres 27.4mm 1 1/16"
Length 55mm 2 1/8"
Width 16mm 5/8"
Height 20mm 13/16
Bolt Size M4 #8-32. 5/32"
Screw Size 4.2 No 8
Weight 23gms 0.8oz
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